Black desert online transfer money to storage

All the adventurers in Black Desert have limits on inventory and weight. It is very important to know how to take good care of the items. The storage in Black Desert serves the basic function of keeping your items stored, as well as being a place to receive the items gathered and crafted by workers. The town storages in Black Desert are separated for each town. To check which towns have storage, you need to click on their icons in the World Map.

Those with storage will show the items stored there. Your storage is shared across all characters from your family, and has a transport function to move goods between town storages. If you click it the storage window where you can store the items in the town will be activated. Storage expansion is a necessity.

Any item except bound items can be deposited into the storage, and these spaces have no weight limit. Silver is also deposited into the storage, and from there it can be used to purchase from vendors and sent it to the Central Market.

If you open the storage and left click the silver coin icon from your inventory, a window to decide how much money to be transferred pops up. On the other hand, when taking out silver coins from the storage, left click the silver coin icon in the storage window.

What if you kept a lot of items in the storage of territory A, and you want to move to territory B all of a sudden? Just thinking about it might give you a headache.

That's why the storage item transport system exists. Then a new window, menu and item slots for choosing destination and transport status open. For destination, the list will show all possible destinations. After selecting the destination and transport method wagon, trade shipright click the item from the storage. If the nodes are all connected between the relevant towns to the destination town the transport fee is cheap, but if not, the transport fee is tripled.

Then all you have to do is wait.

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A freight wagon or a trade ship that is constantly on the move on a fixed route will pass by the town of origin, take the items and carry them to the town of destination. After you moved to the destination, meet the Storage Keeper NPC there and check the transport status. If the item already arrived, you can find it in transport status right away.

BDO Marketplace: Central Market Guide (Black Desert Online)

You might have received gold ingots from quests or events. You'll see that some quests will ask gold ingots from you. That's where the currency exchange comes into play. Both buying and selling is available. In the case of a town with storage, you can buy and sell items in the town with the silver coins stored there.

The item list that the relevant NPC have will appear. The Central Market has a storage system of its own, and the town storage is one of the two ways in which you can deposit items to the warehouse. If you click the Warehouse icon in the storage window, the storage window and Central Market warehouse window will appear side by side.

This way you can freely move items and money between both storage systems. This window will also let you move items not only from your current town storage, but also the inventory and pearl inventory windows. It will be introduced in a detailed way in Craftingbut the town storage is connected to what your workers do, apart from your items.You must be logged in to post a comment.

How to find and use the warehouse/storage

Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We would also like to give a huge thank you to Ashelin for previously hosting the site, our guide contributors, and Luis for everything he has done. Set Alarms. Remember Me Register Forgotten Password. Apr 12 3. To put items in your storage, simply right-click the item and if you have multiple items enter how many you would like to put in the storage. Storage shares across all your characters. How to increase Storage space Storage space can be increased by buying a Storage property.

To buy a Storage property click the town or city icon then click a blue house icon.

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Below is an example of a Storage property you can buy. This property costs 1 contribution point and takes 2 minutes to set-up. Buying this property will give you 3 extra storage spaces in the town or city you buy it in.

Gold Bars are required for villa contracts and other uses. You may also earn a Gold Bar from an event or quest reward and can exchange it at a storage keeper to turn it into silver. A shop window will pop-up where you can purchase 4 types of gold bars. Here you can sell back your gold bars to change them back to silver. As you can see, I paidsilver to buy the gold bar and I only get backsilver by selling it.

This is because the NPC takes a small percentage 0. You can also just right-click the Gold Bar in your inventory to sell it quicker. Transporting Items You can transport items and trading goods from one storage to another.

There is a limit of items or item stacks that can be transported at once. You cannot exceed this limit and will be unable to transport more until you receive the items when they arrive at town. To transport the items, make sure they are stored in your storage first. You can also open the transport window directly from the storage keeper NPC. From here you can then select a Destination and Transportation method using the drop down boxes. Add the items you want to transport. You can transport up to 40 items at once, after this you will need to open the window again and fill in the information again.

You will also be told your Transport Fee, which is the cost for transporting the items. The Transport Fee will cost 3 times the amount if the nodes are not connected, but the amount you have to pay is very little. For more information on connect nodes, click here to view our Nodes guide. You can see the transport moving around the map at any time. If you are transporting trading goods, they may be attacked by bandits along the road.

For more information on trading goods, click here to view our Trading guide. This can be done at any time by pressing M to open the world map then clicking on the City icon left image. Then you must click the items you want to put into your storage. For example: if you are currently at Sausans, it will open your Altinova storage and if you are at Pirates, it will open your Calpheon storage. This storage container will go into your inventory and can then be placed in a residence.In Black Desert Onlinemore space in your storage means more wealth.

black desert online transfer money to storage

In my year or so of playing, I've had to sacrifice and sell a lot of things that I'd love to have kept just to maximize on storage space efficiency. Being a hoarder is not something that's entirely possible in this MMO. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your storage limits.

black desert online transfer money to storage

The most common and simple way is by using Contribution Points to invest in housing in the city whose respective storage you're trying to increase. Housing that provides storage will increase the maximum amount of storage slots by an associated CP cost. However, the cost-to-space ratio isn't universal. That means that you're going to have to do some comparison shopping when you look for the most optimal storage.

I've done that for you, and in this guide I'll show you the best values for storage in BDO. But if you're looking for the best values for housing, we have check out our guide to the most efficient lodging locations in Black Desert Online as well.

Velia is scarce when it comes to housing, and house is definitely the best value for storage here. However, you have to consider that this house is also a very good buy for lodging giving 2 space for 1 CP.

All of the houses on block 1 are actually quite efficient for storagewith and both giving 3 space for 1 CP. Houses, and also give 3 space for 1 CP. All of the aforementioned houses have no prerequisites, which is a big plus. The most efficient cumulative storage is right outside of Velia at Toscani Farm. There, houses and combine for 3. The best storage housing package in Velia is to grab these three. This will give you a total of 25 space for 7 CP, which is over 3. Heidel is most players' home city, and for good reason considering the amount of valuable storage space you can find here.

I recommend picking up every house on block 4 except This is some of the most efficient storage in the game. This is the first cluster of storage on block 4.

Something to note here is that you don't have to buy The real prize here isand the prerequisite to it is However, I recommend you scoop up Skipping out onmove into the cluster of houses on for you an even better value of 4 space per CP for a total of 8. Houses U, and Be advised that However, if all you're after is storage then this entire cluster is a nice package. Calpheon is absolutely massive and finding the best CP efficiency here is really difficult, but I've done the hard work for you!

Nearly everything in Calpheon involves a cluster of buys through prerequisitesexcept the houses just outside of Calpheon itself. The housing at Delphe Knights Castle offers both the most efficient single and cumulative value when it comes to storage. These are the first houses you're going to want to pick up for storage. They're extremely easy to find, so you won't be bothered browsing through the housing nodes in this maze of a city.

As I mentioned before, the rest of the housing is in Calpheon itself and it's really hectic as far as prerequisites go.Warehouses are a bankbox-like option of storage in a fixed location instead of the players inventory. Personal storage is accessed by player through the Storage Keeper in larger cities, the personal storage box bought from the Keeper and placed into a Residence. This type is accessible by Workers so they can withdraw resources needed for crafting and placing their goods into it.

Your personal warehouse is shared across a single familyand has a transport function to move goods between Warehouses. Guild warehouses ares accessed through the door in the Guild Hall and shared among guild members.

Any item except a bound item can be deposited into the Warehouse, and the Warehouse has no weight limit. Currency can also be deposited into the Warehouse, and can be used to purchase from vendors, the Auction House or pay for transport between Warehouses of connected nodes. The number of available Warehouse slots can be expanded by purchasing housing units which have storage as an option.

Initial storage is free for each region and character. The housing type "storage", which can be purchased in some houses with contribution points allows you to increase the size of the storage available in the corresponding region. With each storage unit purchased in a region the number of slots of that region's storage increases by 3.

You can move items or money in the form of gold bars by rented transport means from one regions warehouse to another as long as you have enough money to pay the fee placed into the warehouse of origin of the items.

The menu is accessed through the Storage Keeper or World Map, transport option. The price to Transport items increases with distance. If origin and destination are not linked the delivery fee will be tripled. You can keep track of your progress by looking for a gift icon on your world map, and it will show you exactly where your items are during the transport process.

The transport will happen automatically but the shipment needs to be claimed at the destination via the storage keeper or storage box. Deliveries can't be claimed if the destination warehouse is full. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Increasing Warehouse Slots The number of available Warehouse slots can be expanded by purchasing housing units which have storage as an option.

Each village offers a basic 8-slot Warehouse. You can increase this by another 16 by purchasing storage housing units. Transportation You can move items or money in the form of gold bars by rented transport means from one regions warehouse to another as long as you have enough money to pay the fee placed into the warehouse of origin of the items. Categories :.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Black Desert Online. Global Achievements. I know there isnt a way to send Money because of Goldsellers but is there any way that isnt a negative exploit of any kind i can use to achieve this somehow? I dont even remember what i all had and what the Game offered in ways to do things, i dont even know if and what Items can be sent to make it happen with some loss atleats but still achieve the transfer.

Or is there maybe finally a Character transfer to another Account option, i would use this right away. Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Myrrdinn View Profile View Posts. Cant i buy a Costume and send, gift it to my Character?

I mean i can go Online with Both Accounts at the same Time. I said any way to bring over some Value so use your fantasy and knowlegde and dont be so pitty. Caduryn View Profile View Posts. Stealth View Profile View Posts. Seraphyx View Profile View Posts. I haven't actually used the market much so I'm not sure, but in other games if I wanted to transfer large amounts of money to another character I would put up a random item for an absurd amount of money that no one would ever pay and buy that item on the character with all the money.

Originally posted by Seraphyx :. Last edited by WeylandYutani ; 27 May, am. Originally posted by WeylandYutani :. What means "a new fresh Account" or are you simple mindless when talking to others?

So you know my Account, my Characters and my playtime on my non Steam Account? Then tell me, im interested what you know You know what that was only from the last Winter Event Gifts from silly logging in every Day. Hell i dont even opened up some Boxes what give g Gold and so on.

Ah ok, it doesnt take long to get stuff, didnt had Issues the first Week the last Time wont have it now. Anyway who knows it never hurts to ask specially when you are a proofen supporting and paying Customer, legit and no Goldseller whatsover with a kindly please for help. When you always think "it doesnt work" and never ask for anything because of this, thats only silly.

More then a no cant happen and i never had an Issue i havent found a solution for and i surely will get around this aswell. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 27 May, am.A part of the Commerce system in Black Desert. One can exchange money into gold ingots or gold bars and potentially make a profit via workers and Investment Banks.

This is done at Storage Keeper "Currency Exchange" button and there is a 0. Gold bars with a value of One can obtain gold ingots and bars via questsevents or challenges as well.

The gold ingots can be deposited with the Investment Bank - but the bank is based on Housing reputation Of course you can always open a residence in a spot nobody else wants to own a residence and then put little furniture into that one You receive a certain interest for the gold value you deposit with the investment bank.

Investments aren't always a safe trade; they are a bargain, as gold can be lost through unsafe investments. The interest varies depending on the risk. To start investing, you need to have the mentioned top residence rank.

Place the gold into your storage. Chose which investment bank you want to invest in for example Lasquean Ljurik Investment Bank.

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Then you need a worker in that location - the work speed and maybe his luck seem to improve the outcome of the investment. Send the worker to work on this node and hope for the best. At workspeed 65 it takes roughly 14 hours to know if you made profit or not. Other uses of gold are: weight reduction when moving money.

Gold can not be traded between player. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Investing Gold The gold ingots can be deposited with the Investment Bank - but the bank is based on Housing reputation Other uses of Gold Other uses of gold are: weight reduction when moving money. Categories :.This guide should help simplify things, and show you how you can use the new BDO Marketplace to your advantage.

To take advantage of the Marketplace, you have to place your Silver and items into the Central Market Warehouse. Nearby NPC window. Base Price: a middle price that can be raised or lowered by 7.

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The Base Price is what is visible in item descriptions. You can increase the money you get with a Value Pack buff active when you hit the Collect button to get your Silver after a sale.

With a VP active, you earn You can earn more from your Marketplace sales by increasing Family Fame. Desired Amount: Quantities that you can purchase or sell is limited.

Factors that influence the quantity limit are item type, enhancement level, and grade. For example, Black Stones have a limit of Logs and similar materials have a limit of 1, Enhanced boss gear has a limit of 1. This cap will not change, unless the developers interfere. Or the foul, unchanging heart of a developer!!!

Oops did I say that out loud? Marketplace Caps are now indicated by a blue or red icon. Blue arrow indicates Max Price, and red arrow indicates Min Price. The white Base Price is below the blue Max price arrow.

Changeable Max Price: the highest price an item can be bought or sold at currently. This can be viewed inside the Central Market interface at the top of the Price column. The game periodically updates this with player supply and demand. When there are a good amount of Pre-orders and sales at a higher value than Base Price, the Max Price will rise. Unless it is already at Dev Cap. Changeable Min Price: the lowest price an item can be bought or sold at currently.

This can be viewed inside the Central Market interface at the bottom of the Price column.

black desert online transfer money to storage

When there are a good amount of sales at a lower value than Base Price, the Min price will fall. Maximum Warehouse Capacity is currently 5, VT, which can only be exceeded if you are purchasing from the Central Market.

Up to 10, VT. All purchased items go into the Warehouse. Click the Inventory tab to transfer to your Inventory. Family Fame Warehouse Reward: 0.

How to find and use the warehouse/storage

Additional Cost: This is the cost of any extra enhancement you would like on your gear. Enhancements have a set cost. Pre-orders have different win chances, depending upon if you place a Pre-order at the Developer defined Max Price.

Pre-order How-to: Click the amount on the right that you would like to Pre-order at. Make sure you have that amount of Silver inside the Warehouse, then click Buy button. The amount of the Pre-order will be withdrawn from your Warehouse and you will not be able to use it for anything, unless you cancel the Pre-order. Cancel Pre-orders: Click Status button on the top right, then Cancel on the item you would like to cancel a Pre-order on.